State of Asia
Dear friend,

We would like to invite you to participate in the creation of what we anticipate will be a very informative project.

“State of Asia” is an expert survey that assesses the challenges facing Asia today through the lens of leaders in the region. Led by Asia Society’s 2018 Class of Asia 21 Young Leaders, the online survey will present a general picture of how Asian leaders from varying countries and areas of expertise view the continent’s future. In addition, given Asia’s young demographic—with the exception of few countries—the survey focuses on the important role of Asia’s young leaders in facilitating active participation to address common challenges.

Questions will be modulated into two groups:
1.       Permanent module: Would include questions with general language remaining the same across multiple years to enable time-series comparability. We expect to have about 15 questions each year in this module.
2.       Annual module: Would include questions changing each year to be relevant to the events of that year or to the thematic selection for that year. The theme of 2019 “State of Asia” survey will be Asia’s youth and the role of Asia’s young leaders. We expect to have about 10-15 questions each year in this module.

At this stage, we are inviting you to propose questions you think would be most suitable for such an expert survey. Your proposed questions do not need to be in a questionnaire format; our survey expert partner – People Analytics Inc. – will shape their language to fit the best wording format. You are welcome to share questions in rough draft as well.

Think about questions that you yourself are curious about and want to learn more about. For example:
-          Would you like to know if Asian leaders believe Asian economic growth will improve, stay the same, or decline over the next 12 months?
-          What would Asian leaders perceive to be the most pertinent regional risks in the coming year?

Please submit your questions below by Apr 25, 2019. We thank you in advance for participating in this new project and look forward to hearing back from you. Your participation is critical to the success of this project!
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